Made with Xara Really, a Harry Potter Fan Club? Yes, really! As stated on the front page, hp-ohio is a fan organization for adults.  The group was founded to create opportunities for Harry Potter enthusiasts to socialize, discuss and be generally nerdy and awesome.  We also attend various conventions as an  organization and help local businesses put on Harry Potter related events. We welcome members to attend and host monthly meetings we call “Harry Huddles.” A few family friendly events are held each year.  Monthly huddles and most events are for those 18+  Planning and organizing takes place the the hp-ohio forums. Instructions for using these messageboards can be found in the connect  section of the website. hp-ohio has a facebook group! Join the group to see photos of recent Harry Huddles and receive invitations for future events. hp-ohio is also on twitter!  Follow us on hpohio (no dash) to stay current and connected with the latest information. hp-ohio on tumblr Who Or What Is In Charge Here? The Heads of House are in charge of hp-ohio and serve as an administrative committee.  The Heads of House share the following responsibilities: General administration of the group, guiding Harry Huddle plans, maintaining the social media sites, overseeing large scale events, and making decisions which impact the organization. The Heads of House serve as leaders, and work together to ensure everyone has a fantastic hp-ohio experience! The general population of hp-ohio members volunteers for all of the great activities we do such as Harry Huddle Hosts, quidditch coordination, recruitment, graphic design, finance management, con representation, webmaster and the Crystal Ball planning team! Everyone in hp-ohio shares the responsibility of making sure our group continues to have fun for years to come! I Don’t Believe it! I Want to See Proof!!! Photos can be found on Facebook and on our Twitter. We try to upload images from each of our events--Harry Huddles, book/movie releases, quidditch games and any other time we’re all together!  We also have several short video clips from conventions, games, and news spots. If you still don’t believe, show up at one of our many events to see the shenanigans in person! The links are below! facebook photos hpohio on twitter Our Motto Aesculus glabra dormiens nunquam titillanda (Never tickle a sleeping Buckeye) Disclaimer: hp-ohio is an unofficial fan site and is in no way attempting to claim rights over the Harry Potter books, its characters or anything affiliated with the Harry Potter franchise. We just adore them. We'd rather not be sued or poked with sharp sticks for creating this. Thanks.