Made with Xara Ohio? What the Bloody Hell Are We Doing in Ohio? Welcome to hp-ohio, the cure-all group for fans of Harry Potter who reside in the midwest and other regions annexed by Ohio! hp-ohio was founded to create fun opportunities for Harry Potter enthusiasts to socialize at monthly meet-ups called Harry Huddles as well as major events such as movie premiers, book release parties and our annual Yule Formal known as The Crystal Ball.  This site is set up to point fans in the right direction, as well as give them a chance to communicate and share with the rest of the Harry Potter fandom. About Us - Here you will find information on how the organization operates, the hp-ohio staff, and links to social networking sites where hp-ohio has a presence. Events - Links to the hp-ohio Facebook group, twitter, and annual events can be found here! Quidditch - Fun facts about the Ohio Quidditch League can be found here as well as a link to the Facebook page.  Wrock - Click here to find out more about Wizard Rock, music inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies. Connect - This page contains information on joining hp-ohio and instructions for the hp-ohio forums.  To be an official member of hp-ohio you must register on our forums and legally be an adult.  We encourage those interested in becoming members of hp-ohio to register on our forums and join the Facebook group. Shop - Browse Cafepress for your favorite hp-ohio shirts, sweatshirts, household goods and even underwear! Disclaimer: hp-ohio is an unofficial fan site and is in no way attempting to claim rights over the Harry Potter books, its characters or anything affiliated with the Harry Potter franchise. We just adore them. We'd rather not be sued or poked with sharp sticks for creating this. Thanks.